Active UZZ32 Parts

High quality guaranteed parts  5 years 100,000kl warranty.. where else do you get that !
Why buy untested parts ? all are parts are tested before sale and if they are not good enough we start again. We use these parts in our cars and test them thoroughly.

Worlds best Toyota Parts
When Toyota built the Soarer they designed and engineered the best car the world has ever seen, the technology and engineering surpassed anything that was currently being built, the proof is in the facts, the cars are 20+ year old, the bodies are still tight, the mechanicals are still good well into the 300,000kl mark.. but they need parts and Toyota has stopped supplying some of the parts we need.

This site is run by enthusiasts who own and drive Soarer's.. specifically UZZ32 Actives, we are, to the best of our knowledge the only parts supplier for the majority of UZZ32 parts both rebuilt and new.

Accumulator repairs

After years of repairing accumulators for the suspension systems on UZZ32 Active Soarers we now have a range of options for the repair.
Full rebuilds ready for refitting     Part #SPACCF   (X4  2 front 2 rear)
Full rebuild with screw apart bases for maintenance    Part #SPACCSCF (Front x 1)                         Part #SPACCSCR (Rear x 1)
This allows the accumulator to be rebuilt at a fraction of the cost

Brake accumulator rebuilds

Up until recently we have had issues over brake fluid types other than DOT3 destroying accumulator seals, well all that is over with the latest version of our rebuilds we have had manufactured, seals that are impervious to all types of Brake Fluid.
Our rebuilt units have a 5 year 100,00kl warranty.. you don't offer that kind of warranty if your product is not up to scratch !
Rebult units                        $350.00 delivered    (own unit rebuilds only)
Repairs on failed rebuilds will be priced according to time since repair done.


BUSHES Front and rear

Lower control arm front and rear, upper control arm front and rear, accumulator bushes rear, lower control arm accumulator bush, steering rack bushes.

SR001 Steering Rack Bushes   $12.00

CAFL01 Control Arm Front Lower Front Bush $30.00

CAFL02 Control Arm Front Lower Rear Bush  $30.00

CAFU02    Control Arm Front Upper Bush $30.00

CARL01    Control Arm Rear Lower Front  $30.00

CARL02    Control Arm Rear Lower Rear $30.00

CARU01    Control Arm Rear Upper Bush $30.00

Accumulator Bush Rear  $45.00

Available as kits or as individual pieces.